Far more than a wheelchair

Safe mobility
outdoors & indoors
while standing or sitting

Auto-balancing assures
safe driving even on slopes

  • Safe ride
    Safe ride in urban environments
  • Eye-level view
    Eye-level view in social interactions
  • Lower
    Lower medical costs
  • Standing
    Standing up for better health

What is UPnRIDE

UPnRIDE is a wheeled robotic device, providing upright and seated mobility both for wheelchair users, and for anyone who is unable to, or has difficulty standing or walking.

UPnRIDE offers numerous medical, psychological, and economic benefits, ensuring safety while standing, sitting, and shifting between positions, in practically any urban environment.

Upright mobility offers a world of benefitsDiscover a safe, healthy, affordable solution, with better quality of life

Increases  independence

Increases independence

Automatic balancing assures safe ride uphill, downhill, and on slanted surfaces, in both standing and sitting positions - suitable for most wheelchair users.
Improves health

Improves health

Standing up vertically - a vital medical necessity - counterbalances the impact of prolonged sitting, enabling functional activities, and enhancing overall health.
Diminishes visibility of the disability

Diminishes visibility of the disability

Provides eye-level view in social interactions, enhancing dignity, social inclusion and self-esteem, and heightening quality of life.
Reduces medical costs

Reduces medical costs

Reduces secondary complications of long-term sitting, lowering the need for hospitalization, medications and physiotherapy – a significant saving for health insurers, users, and their families.

A life-changing solutionfor a growing population of wheelchair users

Millions of disabled people and seniors worldwide suffering from impaired walking, are confined to a sedentary lifestyle in a wheelchair, causing health deterioration, poor quality of life, and high medical expenses - a burden for the disabled, their families and health insurers. Numerous studies have demonstrated the physical and mental health benefits of wheelchairs with a standing position, which enables users to mobilize body parts, and reduce falls when reaching for high objects.

As the number of wheelchair and scooter users grows, due to both increasing accidents and aging populations, many seek a smart mobility device that will provide fully-functional standing and sitting mobility, improve health, enhance social inclusion, and reduce healthcare and living expenses.

Key features

  • Jointed braces and harnessing straps – safe support for disabled users
  • Auto-balancing and unchanged center of gravity assure constant stability even on slopes
  • Sophisticated algorithms minimize the risk of hazardous situations
  • Slender, robust design for easy maneuverability

UPnRIDE team

UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd. is a developer of innovative life-changing mobility technologies intended for the disabled. Holding a patented technology and unique proprietary know-how, the company has spurred a significant leap forward in this field.

The company's management team and advisory board include successful serial entrepreneurs and engineers with proven expertise in technological ventures, finance, healthcare, physical rehabilitation, biomedical engineering, and wheelchair manufacturing.

The team’s vast experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical and rehabilitation devices is demonstrated through its previous achievement -  the ReWalk™ exoskeleton.

UPnRIDE 1.0 at Rehacare International September 2016

Riding On A Slope
Riding Outdoors
Standing Vs Sitting
Tech Video

Fully functional mobility Sitting and standing, both indoors and outdoors

IMG 5891
IMG 5913
IMG 5946
IMG 5950

Interact socially at eye-level Shifting attention away from the disability

IMG 2775
IMG 2776
IMG 2778
IMG 2790

Safe travel uphill, downhill, and on slopes Maneuver easily even in sloped parking lots

IMG 2980
IMG 2982
Tech Video

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